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Petit Bamboo is an Australian-owned and designed baby wear label made from 95% bamboo blend. Bamboo fabric is often considered eco-friendly as bamboo requires little water for growth, but this largely depends on whether the fabric is chemically or mechanically made. We can confirm that 100% of Petit Bamboo baby wear is made using the mechanical method, which has the smallest impact on the environment, and is the most superior bamboo fiber commercially available.

Petit Bamboo baby wear is not only eco friendly but also safe for baby’s skin. Bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-eczema and anti-bacterial. Rest assured knowing that you are dressing your newborn baby in the highest quality natural fiber on the market. Or, feel confident giving the gift of bamboo at your next baby shower.

Petit Bamboo is a member of the Chemical Free Community ( and believes in all things natural, sustainable and eco friendly. Petit Bamboo encompasses a natural mother who takes baby’s comfort seriously.

Petit Bamboo is also BSCI-compliant ( and fairly traded. Petit Bamboo supports the global fair trade movement and believes in fair wages and ethical treatment of workers and condemns sweat shop trade. Petit Bamboo believes in caring for the earth, mother and baby, all in one.

Born out of a need to source sustainable yet fashionable baby wear, Petit Bamboo offers classic yet stylish pieces at an affordable price tag. Shop our range, or join our team of consultants and earn an income that suits your lifestyle. As seen on Shark Tank Australia.


– Caroline Africh (Chief Mum, Mumpreneur and Managing Director, Petit Bamboo)