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Will you give your baby a fourth trimester?

It goes without saying the third trimester of a woman’s pregnancy is an environment much like this: baby is tightly curled up, it’s dark, it’s noisy, it’s uber warm and cosy. So you can imagine what it’s like for a baby to be born – a dramatic change in environment- it may not necessary be the right temperature, movement, sounds, so it’s only natural creating a fourth trimester can definitely help settle and soothe your little one as they enter their first few months into the world.

5 ways to create a womb life:

Swaddle Your Baby
Wrapping your newborn up in a breathable, soft, bamboo wrap is a way to beneficial on many levels: it creates security for baby; a warm environment will help settle baby quickly; it mimicks the womb if done properly. You might find if you swaddle your baby correctly, settling ensues and sleep beckons. Bamboo baby sleeping bags are also a brilliant way to keep your bub snug and warm at nighttime. Our bamboo baby sleeping bags are designed for the ‘fourth trimester’ as unlike a wrap, they won’t be kicked off in the middle of the night, and you simply place bub in one, and zip him/her up and lay on their back to sleep.

2) Babywearing
One of my personal favourites that worked for both my babies was holding bub really close to my chest, skin-to-skin, and rocking gently back and forth until they settled. Of course, you may physically to do this action all day, so my preference was an Ergopouch, which for baby, meant a snug fit with baby facing you so they can hear your heartbeat and stay warm. And for bub, the weight is transferred to the hips, which means an ergonomically-sound fit.

3) Fill’er Up
Bathtime can be the perfect bonding time for Dad and baby, while the start of a good nighttime routine. Baths are great and babies absolutely love them as it’s pretty much an environment baby is used to during the first nine months inside the womb. It’s warm, full of water, and babies have a chance to move around freely and comfortably.

4. Getting Out and About
Amongst the sleepless nights and fatigue, getting some fresh air can be good for both baby and you. Pop bub in a bamboo sleeping bag or perhaps a bamboo wrap slung over the pram for adding darkness, just like the womb. The gentle rocking back n forth of the pram movement as you both walk along does wonders, and you’ll feel better too!

5. Get Yer Shirt Off
One of the best and most proven ways to help soothe, settle and provide nourishment is long skin-on-skin periods. When my baby was born at 30 weeks, I had her on my best sleeping for around two hours everyday. It’s a way way to support breastfeeding and create oxytocin, the wonderful hormone responsible for love and bonding. Skin-on-skin contact or ‘kangaroo care’ as affectionally known has other added benefits such as maintains baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure; maintains body temperature; encourages successful breastfeeding and latching, and baby is less likely to cry. Plus, throw a bamboo baby wrap over her and you both will stay extra warm and cosy.

Fourth Trimester

Will you give you baby a fourth trimester?