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Petit Bamboo is an Australian-owned baby fashion label that produces classic pieces for modern babies, with an eco-friendly focus.

Born out of a desire to source fashionable yet sustainable baby wear, Petit Bamboo’s vision is to deliver timeless yet affordable pieces, without leaving a footprint.

All the Petit Bamboo products are made from the highest quality bamboo fibre, using a mechanical rather than chemical process. This method of preparing the bamboo fabric avoids use of chemicals, whilst preserving its antibacterial and antifungal properties, ensuring the best product for your child’s comfort.  To understand more about how our Bamboo material is made, visit the About Bamboo page. The Petit Bamboo Jersey (stretch) range 95% viscose derived from bamboo and the woven muslin (light, non-stretch) range, 70% viscose derived from bamboo. Petit Bamboo is also a 100% fairly traded brand, complying with BSCI standards. This means that the workers that make Petit Bamboo are paid fairly and treated ethically.

Petit Bamboo believes in the importance of naturally comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly high-quality products for your child whilst minimising the impact on our planet.