Hi, I'm Andrew and this is my family – meet my wife Alicia, our young son Sam and then there’s Max, our playful staffy.

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Photo of the family, owners of the brand.Petit Bamboo Mother and Baby

We’ve recently taken over this beautiful brand and we are so excited to be part of the baby community! Like all parents, we want to provide the best for our children and with our experiences in having established a separate business in the same industry, we feel it’s a perfect opportunity to build on this brand and offer the community access to natural and comfortable bamboo baby wear garments that would normally be difficult to obtain.

As new owners, we wish to continue Petit Bamboo’s vision to deliver timeless yet affordable pieces, without leaving a footprint.

Our child has eczema

This is our little Sam, born in 2018. Like all parents, we just want him to be happy, healthy and comfortable in his own skin Within the first 8 weeks of Sam being born, we noticed his skin had very dry spots noticeably around the joints and areas that’s covered by clothing. We suspected it to be eczema and we frequently moisturised his skin and started to explore some of the reasons this could have been.

About eczema

The National Australian Government Service, 'Pregnancy, Birth and Baby' states that 1 in 5 children under the ages of 2 years have eczema and is quite common.

Eczema is a skin condition and causes the skin to become fragile, dry, itchy, rough and red. This irritates the child and releases chemicals that cause itchiness.

Some of the known triggers of eczema can be dry skin, scratching the affected area, viral or bacterial infections, woollen or synthetic fabrics, chemicals from swimming pools, sand (commonly from sandpits), contact with certain carpets or grasses, artificial colours and preservatives, perfumes, soap and chemicals, heat or very hot rooms. Reference: https://www.pregnancybirthbaby.org.au

Sam’s skin condition

It wasn’t until Sam was around 16 weeks old that our doctor explained he had eczema and gave us some suggested management strategies. This led to a greater awareness of not only his diet and environment, but also of how important it was to be mindful of what was coming into contact with his skin in his everyday life. Today, Sam still experiences bouts of dry skin and eczema, but is now well managed and does not seem to cause him any distress when it does occur.

What can Petit Bamboo do for us?

Petit Bamboo is an Australian-owned baby fashion label that produces classic pieces for modern babies, with an eco-friendly focus.

The Petit Bamboo garments are so soft and made from the natural grown bamboo fibre, whilst preserving its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, ensuring the best product for your child’s comfort.

So, what’s our big vision?

We believe in the importance of naturally comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly high-quality products for your child whilst minimising the impact on our planet.

We want to play a small part and ensure our children are safe, comfortable and can enjoy what mother nature can offer.


“Small footprints on the planet”